Lists, Wonderful Lists!

Oh, it is list time, my favorite time of year for readers’ advisory!

I’m including a few of the SWHPL Staff and Patron’s favorites of the past year, and to round it all out, I’ve created a LIST of lists from a wide variety of other sources. These are “Best of 2014” lists as well as most anticipated 2015 titles. Enjoy!


Lisa Murray, Library Staff

“Area X — The Southern Reach Trilogy — Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance” by Jeff Vandermeer.

This trilogy consumed me in 2014 and I was able to drag along a few other adventurous readers with me into this frighteningly conceivable world of natural “disasters”, environmental anomalies and government coverups. This trilogy is exquisitely written, but I warn you it takes an open mind and critical reading skills to truly appreciate the many layers of this trilogy. Deeply philosophical, critical of how we perceive and interact with the natural world, yet imaginative and a little weird at times. Are we truly independent as humans on earth, why are we so cocky as to believe we have mastered “nature” and how far does nature extend (on our planet, in our minds, in the universe…)


“Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free” by Cory Doctorow

So I felt like a jerk the entire time I was reading this because I bought it for my iPad on Amazon and read it through my Kindle app on my nonsecured home wifi. It doesn’t take too many pages of this book to make you realize how complacent and trusting the consumer has become in this age of electronic books, music, phones and computers. Spyware, tracking, digital copyrights are all very real and all affect the consumer by taking away your freedom to information, the freedom of expression and privacy. Ownership is an illusion, digital locks serve to make more money for certain levels of industry while taking away from the artist, writer and the cultural consumer…You!



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